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Ever since I first learned there was a creature called the red wolf, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. The result of my curiosity was two years immersion in the world of red wolves --- both in the wild and in captivity --- and a book titled The Secret World of Red Wolves: The Fight to Save North America’s Other Wolf.

The Secret World of Red Wolves was released in June 2013 by the University of North Carolina Press. It’s the first complete book on red wolves written for general audiences. Arkansas State University -- whose mascot is the red wolf! -- made my book required reading for their entire incoming class of 2018-2019.

Nature lovers will find it to be an engaging journey into the heart of Red Wolf Country, and into the heart of the debate over what red wolves are. Readers will find themselves transported into the rural eastern North Carolina landscape where red wolves prowl today. My writing intermingles naturalistic first-person observations with bits of scholarly research in this wildly fantastic true story. Some readers have described my book as having the feel of “Field & Stream meets Scientific American,” which is a compliment I adore.

The exhaustive reporting and literary appeal of The Secret World of Red Wolves led to my becoming one of three finalist-nominees for Wild South’s Roosevelt-Ashe Conservation Award for Outstanding Journalism in 2015.. Explore Amazon five-star reviews here, or visit the Book Praise page to learn what folks like E. O. Wilson are saying.

The Secret World of Red Wolves is available in hardback in bookstores everywhere. The paperback edition was released by UNC Press in August 2015.

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BOOK: The Secret World of Red Wolves

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