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About DeLene


I offer customized writing services to various clients. After honing my craft as a science writer for more than 14 years, I expanded into medical writing and copyediting in spring 2020. I'm pursuing a professional certificate in medical writing and editing from the University of Chicago's Graham School with an expected completion date in spring 2021.


My skills are transforming complicated research into readable prose, writing for lay audiences, editing grants and academic manuscripts, and creating customized content based on science, medical, or health literature.


My background: I credit my lifelong love for wild nature with leading me to explore the world of science. As a child, I trolled for redfish in the Gulf of Mexico with my parents. In winter, we slogged across mudflats in the freezing dawn for stone crabs. In summer, we donned masks and snorkels and floated over shallow grass flats to scoop up scallops. On dry land, I explored our small backyard and developed an affinity for plants and animals.


In college, my interest was captured by biology, then physical anthropology, geology, art and architecture. After a few years of professional work as an architectural interior designer, I returned to graduate school with a single idea: to explore all my loves and interests through the lens of writing. Why choose just one field, when I have a lifetime to explore them all?


I first began writing about natural history and evolution when I was a graduate student at the University of Florida. The Florida Museum of Natural History hired me to cover breaking science news and ongoing research. While my graduate studies blended natural resources management and ecology with training in journalism, working at the museum taught me invaluable lessons about breaking down primary research for general audiences and how to interview scientists. My job entailed roaming through 20 different research collections, sifting for science stories that were published in a member edition of Natural History magazine or on their website. From panther pelts to fossil hummingbird humerus bones and preserved fish stored in orderly jars, my time at the museum imprinted upon me a love and awe for the processes behind scientific discoveries. 


After graduating, I launched my freelance science writing career and authored a book.